Beast of Boggy Creek Fouke Monster


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Boggy Creek @ CR 7

Boggy Creek @ Hwy 71

Boggy Creek bridge @ Hwy 71

Boggy Creek @ CR 9

Highway 71 Sign

Boggy Creek Cafe sign circa 1970's

sunset on Mercer Bayou

morning on the Sulphur River

swampy area south of Fouke

Mercer Bayou

Thornton Wells @ Mercer Bayou

one of the many sighting locations

the Ford house (1969)

Willie Smith's old house (2012)

early house near Texarkana (1917)

Monster Mart 2013

Monster Mart - outside mural

Monster Mart - inside mural

Monster Day banner (1987)

Monster sign

still from the litter ad campaign

Charles B. Pierce at work

the late Charles B. Pierce

Pierce directs Keith Crabtree

Legend of Boggy Creek promo still

Legend of Boggy Creek promo still

Legend of Boggy Creek promo still

Legend of Boggy Creek promo still

Legend of Boggy Creek promo still

Return to Boggy Creek movie still

45 RPM Radio Spot Record

Texarkana Gazette May 3, 1971

Texarkana Gazette March 25, 2012

Texarkana Today - June 1977

Box Office Magazine - April 1975

Return of the Fouke Monster (book)

The history of the Fouke Monster includes some interesting merchandising and appearances. His image has been used to sell Halloween costumes, he's been the subject of songs, and he's even appeared in an Arkansas public service ad.

Billy Cole & The Fouke Monsters

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Billy Cole & The Fouke Monsters 45

A 45-RPM vinyl record was released in 1971, featuring a song called "Fouke Monster" by Billy Cole & The Fouke Monsters. The song sounds like quirky 60s-era rock with a spooky chorus that chants "Monster, Fouke, Monster, Fouke, Monster." Obviously this is an extremely rare record and is very hard to find.

The song was released on CD in 2011 as part of the "Lost Souls Volume 3" compilation by Psych of the South.

Southern Bigfoot


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