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Fouke Monster Report Log

Newspaper accounts first brought regional attention to the creature starting in May of 1971. The sensational stories were mainly published in the Texarkana Gazette, but were also picked up by the Associated Press and distributed to other newspapers around the southern U.S. In 1972, following the release of Charles B. Pierce's classic film, The Legend of Boggy Creek - which was based on actual sighting reports - the creature was launched to worldwide fame due to the movie's overwhelming success.

Many people believe that sighting reports of the creature stopped in the mid-1970s after the movie mayhem died down. HOWEVER, the sighting reports DID NOT STOP, nor did they truly start in 1971. Sightings of a large, hairy man-like creature in the Fouke area date back to the early 1900s and continue right up until today.

The following is a list of prominent sightings in the Fouke area. All reports were personally investigated and/or compiled by Lyle Blackburn from various sources including interviews, newspapers, books, and databases. For the complete details of these reports, refer to Blackburn's Boggy Creek Casebook.

NEW › indicates newly researched sightings that have been added to the list.

NEW 2021 - A few days after the witness saw a red-colored animal (see previous entry), a researcher sees what appears to be a large, red animal move through the woods near Mercer Bayou during daylight hours.

NEW 2021 - A witness reports seeing a hairy, ape-like creature run across a county road during daylight hours.  He described it as looking like an “orangutan” with reddish hair.

2019 - A young witness claims to have seen a “monkey man” in the woods while sitting in her father’s truck along one of the rural roads at night. The location is near the Sulphur River where many sightings of the alleged Fouke Monster have been reported over the years.

2019 - A hunter was scanning an area of woods with his binoculars when he caught sight of a dark figure at the end of a game trail about 150 yards away.  It appeared to be at least six feet tall and covered in long, matted black hair.  He described it as being “muscular, but not thick in the torso.”

2019 - Researcher sees a “silhouette of large figure walking between two trees” by the light of the moon.  A short time later, he observed what was presumably the same figure while using nightvision binoculars.

new › 2019 - A man was driving on a county road south of Fouke after dark when he noticed red eyeshine in the woods.  As he approached, he could make out the form of a large, humanoid figure standing flush with the line of trees.

NEW 2019 - A couple driving south of Smackover (65 miles from Fouke) saw a tall, upright animal dart into the woods around 11:00 pm. The couple described it as being very large, at least 6-7 foot tall, and "definitely not human." Its eyes reflected in the headlights before it ran off with a "swiftness that was way too quick for a human."

2018 - Two female witnesses were driving north on rural Highway 71 in the early evening when they saw a large, upright figure run across the road in approximately four strides.  As they passed by in their car, they could see it running down the middle of a road which runs perpendicular to the highway. They quickly turned around, but by the time they got back to the side road, the figure was already out of sight. Whatever it was, it was moving quickly and with great agility.

2017 - A truck driver was traveling south of Fouke at approximately noon when he observed what appeared to be a large, hair-covered animal in a clearcut pipeline. The figure was moving upright on two legs in the clearcut between a fence and a deerstand.

2017 - A man and wife were driving south of Fouke near Boggy Creek at around dusk. As the woman looked towards the northbound lane, she saw a “real tall, hairy human-like figure” standing at the treeline. Her husband was driving and could not look back fast enough to see the figure.

2017 - Two researchers were driving on a road in the Sulphur River Wildlife Management Area at around 3:00 pm when they both saw a “large, upright figure” standing in the middle of the road.  It quickly darted into the woods as they hit the brakes.

2016 - A newspaper carrier was driving south on Highway 71 at 4:00 am when a tall, bipedal figure stepped into the road and ran across with long strides. In the headlights, the witness could see that its body was covered in hair. After it crossed the road it disappeared into the woods.

2014 - A local resident was driving along a backroad near the Sulphur River at approximately 10:00 am when she saw a bipedal, ape-like animal come out of the woods and stop in the road. The creature was approximately five feet tall, covered in brown hair, and had dark brown eyes. It gazed at her momentarily before running into the thick woods on the other side of the road.

2013 - While gathering firewood near Doddridge, a local resident surprised a four-foot-tall bipedal ape-like creature (presumably a juvenile) as it made a moaning cry in the woods. When the creature ran, the witness attempted to follow, but lost sight as it ran into the murky water and dense cypress trees of the bayou.

2013 - While filming in the Jonesville area, a television camera operator heard something large running through the brush at dusk.   When he focused the camera in the direction of the sound, he saw what looked like a very large person running towards him at a distance of approximately fifty yards.  It would not have been unusual except the figure was moving at a high rate of speed through very thick brush.

2012 - (November)  The woman who observed the strange, bipedal creature in February (see previous entry), saw it again in the same, early morning timeframe.  This time, it appeared to be crouching alongside the road.

2012    (February) At approximately 4:00 a.m., a woman was driving along a deserted county road near Fourmile Creek west of Fouke when she observed a hairy, bipedal animal run across the road and jump a fence before disappearing into the darkness.

2012 - While driving along a road south of Fouke near McKinney Bayou, a witness observed a large, hairy creature run across the road on two legs.

2011 - Nearby resident sees a large, bipedal creature with dark fur standing next to a hay bail as she drove down a County Road late one evening. As the car approached, the creature suddenly darted across the road running very fast on two legs. The creature came within 3-4 feet of the car, causing the driver to hit the brakes, before it disappeared into the brush on the other side of the road.

2011 - A couple was driving to Genoa (about nine miles from Fouke) at around 7:30 p.m.  As they drove down an old county road, they saw some sort of bipedal creature jump from the thick brush and run across the road in plain sight.  It quickly disappeared into the woods, running in the direction of Old Bitty Lake. 

2010 - While driving late one evening, a married couple sees a large, hairy creature run on two legs across the road. Light precipitation was falling, but the figure was visible in the headlights as it made its way across the pavement and into the trees beyond. The couple turned the car around to get a better look but was only able to get one final glimpse of the creature standing in the trees before it disappeared in the darkness.

2009 - A wildlife photographer witnessed something run across the road in the afternoon at a location between Smith Park and Long Slough boat ramp.  She described it as being tall, covered in hair, and running on two legs.  It bounded the road in a few short steps and disappeared into the woods.

2004 - A man canoeing in Carter Lake observed something walking in the cypress trees at the edge of the water.  It appeared to be a hairy creature that was walking upright.

2003 - Two young girls encounter a “hairy monster” while riding bikes in the evening hours. When they returned home and told their mother, she contacted the authorities.

2001 - A man was drift fishing in Mercer Bayou near the Thornton Wells boat ramp when he smelled a horrible odor.  He looked up and scanned the bank to see if he could find the source.  When he did, he saw a large, hair-covered thing watching him from the trees.  It appeared to be standing on two legs. 

2001 - Hunter comes face-to-face with a large, ape-like creature while hunting near Mercer Lake.

2000 - A coonhunter encounters a hairy “creature of immense size” late at night while hunting with his dog. It made a hissing sound and splashed water on the hunter while making deep, throaty sounds.

2000 - A bowhunter sees a “big black figure” approaching his tree stand before dawn. The creature reached up and grabbed his arrow with a “large black hand, very similar to the hand of a gorilla.”

2000 - Hunter observes a “hairy man-like creature approximately eight-foot tall” walking in a wheat field during the late afternoon. The wheat field was approximately two miles from the Sulphur River along Boggy Creek. The creature was also described as having a musky smell.

1998 - A woman babysitting some children sees a “very large, hairy creature.” She watches them from the edge of the woods while on a morning walk. Frightened, she quickly returned to the house.

1997 - While working on his car in the driveway, a man sees a “large, dark-brown creature” standing in the woods watching him. He approached the creature and observed it for several minutes. Deciding to retrieve his gun, he went back to his house. When he returned, the creature was gone, but he eventually spotted it again, sitting in woods. He continued to observe the creature until dusk made it too hard to see.

1996 - A truck driver was traveling north on Highway 71 at night when his eyes were drawn to a tall, dark shape standing near the Sulphur River. At first he believed it to be a dead tree trunk, but then he noticed the shape had two red eyes reflecting back in the headlights. Suddenly the “tree” began walking away from the river bank toward the woods.

1996 - A young boy and his sister see a large, hair-covered creature walking on two legs through the woods as they played near their house.  (Boggy Creek runs right through the property where the house was built.)

1993 - Four hours after the previous sighting and only a half mile away, a woman sees an animal fitting the description of the “Fouke Monster” cross County Road 10 in the early morning hours.

1993 - Five people (two men in a truck, a couple in a car, and a man in a semi truck) traveling on Highway 71 at approximately 2:00 a.m. stop their vehicles to observe a large, hairy animal standing on the side of the road.  The creature stood approximately 100 yards from the witnesses and was described as being ape-like, yet it moved on two legs like a man. After observing the growing crowd of people for a few moments, it turned and darted into the woods, running fast on two legs. The witnesses discussed the sighting before leaving the scene.

1992 - Man observed a hairy, upright creature standing beside the road as he drove at night.

1992 - Six people (five young men in a car and one man in a semi truck) traveling on FM 134 around 11:00 p.m. stop their vehicles to watch a large, hairy animal walk upright across the road. The creature was estimated to be seven feet tall with a bulky frame covered in thick, bushy hair. It was clearly silhouetted in the headlights as it crossed the pavement and walked into a field where it disappeared into the darkness. All six witnesses got out of the vehicles and discussed the amazing sighting before leaving the scene.

1991 - Karnack, Texas / 52 miles from Fouke – A large skeleton is discovered in the woods by two hunters. The specimen is completely intact except for a missing head, tail, and claws. Suspecting that the bones might belong to the alleged Fouke Monster, the hunters take the bones from the property and give them to Smokey Crabtree.

1990 - Two men from Oklahoma smell a pungent odor while driving on Highway 71. They pull over and see a tall, man-like creature covered in shaggy black hair, running toward the south bank of the Sulphur River. The creature was described as walking “upright just like a human, not like a bear or gorilla.”

1987 - A man was frog-gigging in a pond near Boggy Creek when he was surprised to see a
pair of brightly illuminated eyes staring at him. As he got closer, the animal began to move in the trees. It appeared to be man-like and walking upright.

1986 - A local landowner was driving a representative from Miller Brewing Company to a wheat field located on his property.  Upon reaching the back gate, the landowner stopped the truck and got out to unlock it.  At that point he noticed a tall, hair-covered figure walking toward them approximately 80-100 yards away.  When the creature saw the men, it immediately turned and headed toward the trees near Boggy Creek.

1985 - A young man went out to check on the large chicken coop located on his family’s property.  As he approached the building, he could see a large, ape-like animal trying to get inside.

1984 - A local hunter was walking into the Sulphur River Wildlife Management Area when a horse and four cows came running up a hill towards him.  The man followed in the direction they were fleeing and when he reached a swampy area, he could see a “large creature at least seven feet tall with long, dark brown hair all over its body.”  It was standing on two legs, thigh-deep in the swamp some distance away.

1982 - A young man observed a large, hairy man-like animal moving across the Sulphur River. It splashed through the water, walked up on the bank, and disappeared into the trees.

1982 - Teenage boy sees a tall, man-like creature with scraggly fur and long arms walking on two legs near the family’s fishing pond.

1980s - Exact year unknown – A fisherman was surprised by a large, ape-like creature while checking his trout lines.  It appeared to be stealing his fish.

1980s - Exact year unknown – Several Fouke residents saw something fitting the description of the Fouke Monster near a large dirt pile at their home near the origin of Boggy Creek. 

1978 - A local resident was looking out his kitchen window when he noticed something crouched down on the far side of a pond.  When it raised its torso and head to take a drink of water, he could see it was some kind of ape-like animal.

1977 - Young man sees a large, hair-covered creature as he was fishing near some gravel pits near Days Creek.  The creature was eating a flowering plant that blooms on the trees.

1974 - Hunter sees a large, bipedal creature covered in black hair suddenly stepped out of the woods and start to cross the road.  When it realized the hunter was there, it stopped and made eye contact.

1974 - Two hunters witness a large, hairy creature thrashing about and howling in the trees.  They were certain it was not a bear.

1974 - Two brothers are driving their truck one evening in Doddridge when an ape-like creature jumps into their trailer and begins thrashing about. The men stopped and the creature fled into the woods.

1973 - A young girl was riding her bike along a county road when she saw a large, ape-like creature walking on two legs out of a pipeline clearing that intersected the road.  She described it as being black in color with long arms and a broad chest. 

1973 - Local man, known to be a skeptic, sees a four-foot-tall, hairy bipedal creature creep across his field early one morning.

1973 - Two girls, sitting in the back of a pickup truck, observe a huge, hairy man-like animal walk into the road (where the vehicle had just passed).  It stepped to the middle of the road with a long stride and stopped before continuing into the woods.

1972 - A Fouke resident was driving along one of the backroads near his home when a hairy creature walked into the road. It looked briefly towards his vehicle before it continued into the thick brush beside the road.

1971 - A family first hears some strange howls, then sees a sasquatch-like creature walk from the woods.  They were parked at one of the Mercer Bayou boat ramp, preparing to go boating.  Three nearby campers came out of their trailer with shotguns, but did not shoot the creature.  It only lingered a moment before running back into the woods.

1971 - Three well-respected local residents see a “monkey-like” creature with long arms and dark hair run across Highway 71 near Boggy Creek.

1971 - Bobby Ford, Don Ford, Elizabeth Ford, and Charles Taylor claim to see a seven-foot tall, hairy creature several times during the night as it approached their rent house and stuck a hand through the window. Investigators later found evidence of scratches on the house and three-toed tracks in the yard.

1971 - Three people see a “tall hairy creature with red eyes” during the evening hours. It appeared to be “squatting” on an embankment at the edge of the woods, across the street from their home.

1971 - Child reports seeing a “monster in the woods” near his house. Same location as the previous report.

1971 - Woman sees a six-foot-tall, hairy creature walking through the woods near Willie Smith’s soybean field during the late evening hours.

1971    Two men from Kansas report seeing a strange, two-legged animal standing on the side of the road.

1971 - Two local residents witness a creature fitting the monster’s general description “slouch” across a gravel road in front of their car early one morning. Texarkana Gazette.

1971 - Several women and children report seeing an “ape-like creature” in the area. The women had come to the area to view the tracks in the soybean field.

1971 - A trail of three-toed tracks are discovered in Willie Smith’s soybean field. The trackway appeared to have been made by a bipedal creature walking upright.

1970s - Exact year unknown – Man and his son see the alleged monster running on two legs across their field. The creature appeared to be wounded.

1970s - Exact year unknown – Farmer sees a large, man-like creature covered in scraggly hair walking in his pasture.

1969 - A man and his family were driving on Highway 71 at night when they spotted what they thought was a man in a fur coat walking towards them on the opposite side of the road. When they got closer, they realized it was not a man in a coat, but instead some kind of thing covered in hair.

1969 - Two coonhunters were hunting south of Fouke when they proceeded down into a draw. When they reached the bottom, they turned and noticed something standing behind them. It was a large, upright creature on two legs covered with bushy hair.

1968 - A father and son observe a “dark, man-like figure” walking across the roadway which led to the Sulphur River boat ramp.  It appeared to be larger and more muscular than an average man – if it were even a man at all.

1968 - Woman sees an upright, ape-like creature twice in the early morning hours. It was first seen eating scraps from a hog pen and later seen licking food remnants from a dog’s bowl. She described it as having hair all over its body with a flat, brown nose and canine teeth like a dog or baboon.

1967 - While driving late one night, a teenager (who later became a Grammy-award winning musician) and his cousin see a hair-covered, bipedal creature running along Highway 71. They were residents of Texarkana and had never heard of the Fouke Monster or Bigfoot. The teenager didn’t realize what he seen until years later when he saw The Legend of Boggy Creek.

1967 - Man sees hairy, man-like creature run across a road while driving on a rural road near his house.

1966 - Smokey Crabtree reports that the alleged monster, on several occasions, approached his house at night, was heard screaming, or would disturb the dogs (although it never harmed any animals).

1966 - School bus driver sees the alleged monster cross the road early one morning.

1960s - Exact year unknown – A man was hunting in the flooded woods of Mercer Bayou when he saw a seven-foot-tall, hairy man-like animal. He tried to approach it, but the creature disappeared into the thick underbrush.

1965 - During an organized hunt for the “Fouke Monster,” a man on horseback saw a large, hairy animal run into the woods. Could not say whether it was a bear or something else.

1965 - Woman deer hunting sees a dark, hairy ape-like figure running on two legs along a pipeline.

1965 - Teenage boy encounters a hairy man or ape-like beast near a lake on his family’s property. It was described as seven-foot tall with “reddish-brown hair about four inches long all over its body. It stood upright like a man, but had extra-long arms.” As the thing approached, he fired at it with his shotgun three times and then fled.

1965 - A teenage boy sees the alleged monster in the woods while deer hunting. He fired his gun at the creature before running away.

1964 - Teenage girl sees a tall, hairy, two-legged creature lurking in the yard of her rural home one evening.

1955 - Experienced hunter/trapper sees a large gorilla-like creature while fishing in a river. It appeared to be washing its hands before it walked off on two legs into the trees.

1955 - Jonesville – Two adult residents see a hairy, man-like creature cross the road one evening while driving near their home. They noted that it “walked like a man, but was too hairy to be a man.”

1955 - Man sees a large, hairy ape-like creature near his house on Boggy Creek. He shot at it 15 times with a rifle, but apparently missed. Victoria Advocate.

1954 - A woman and her two children, living in an isolated farmhouse about two miles from town, claim to have seen a large, hairy creature in their field.

1946 - Woman sees a strange animal in the field by her house. According to the local sheriff, she said “it looked kind of like a man, and walked like a man, but she didn’t think it was a man.”

1943 - A serviceman saw what he described as a “wild man” run across the road while driving a military munitions truck through Fouke.

NEW 1941 - Two brothers were fishing in Boggy Creek when they heard a noise. They looked up to see "a large, hairy ape-like creature" grab their stringer (holding the fish they had already caught) and walk off with it.

1932 - Man sees a hairy, man-like animal from his porch. It quickly moved out toward the fence on the property and disappeared into the woods.

1916 - Family sees a large, ape-like creature standing near the woods at night near Wright-Patman Lake (approximately nineteen miles west of Fouke).

1910 - Daily Arkansas Gazette mentions a “strange beast” supposedly loose in the area near Spring Lake Park in Texarkana (approximately twenty miles north of Fouke).

1908 - Fouke resident Willie Smith claimed his sister saw the creature around 1908 when she was ten years old at the south end of Mercer Bayou.

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