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About the Fouke Monster

The "Fouke Monster" - or "Boggy Creek Monster" as it is sometimes referred to - is a Sasquatch-like creature said to haunt the network of creeks extending from the Sulphur River Bottoms in southern Arkansas to the small town of Fouke. Over the years, the creature has been seen by countless people, including respected citizens, experienced hunters, famous musicians, and even a police officer. It has inspired several movies, most notably The Legend of Boggy Creek, which became a drive-in sensation netting nearly $25 million during its run.

The newspaper accounts of the early 1970s may have brought the creature to worldwide fame, but sighting reports did not stop after Hollywood moved on. Near the small town of Fouke, southeast of Texarkana, people are still reporting encounters with this mysterious creature even today.

The Fouke Monster will always be a stand-out among America's spooky legends due to its movie fame, continued popularity, and modern sightings. The creature is often mentioned on television documentaries including Monsters and Mysteries in America, Finding Bigfoot, Mysteries at the Museum, MonsterQuest, Lost Tapes, and Weird Travels.

If you visit Fouke, Arkansas, just remember to keep an eye on the woods just as the sun begins to set. You never know when you just might see the legendary Beast of Boggy Creek!

The Legend of Boggy Creek

Cryptid Profile

» Height: 6-8 feet tall
» Weight: 300-500 lbs
» Color: brown, black, or reddish hair
» Skin: dark with an ape-like face
» Habitat: bottomland hardwood
» Nearest town: Fouke, Arkansas
» First alleged sighting: 1908
» Latest alleged sighting: 2021
» Track evidence: yes
» Photographic evidence: no

About This Site

This website is a collection of information regarding the phenomenon of the Fouke Monster provided by author/researcher Lyle Blackburn and other contibutors. Please check back periodically, as we are always adding new information.

More Information

For more about the legendary Fouke Monster, refer to the Boggy Creek book series by Lyle Blackburn.

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