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KTBS Channel 3 Shreveport: Legend of Boggy Creek 20th Anniversary Report (1992)

The following news feature, by reporter Rick Rowe, originally aired on KTBS Channel 3 Shreveport in 1992 to commemorate the 20th Year Anniversary of The Legend of Boggy Creek movie.

Boggy Creek Monster - Official Film Trailer (2016)

This is the trailer for the BOGGY CREEK MONSTER film documentary. Produced by Small Town Monsters and Lyle Blackburn.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: Fouke Monster (2013)

The Fouke Monster was featured in the "Ozarks" episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America which aired on the Destination America channel in April 2013. Features commentary by Lyle Blackburn.

Public Service Ad Starring The Fouke Monster (2007)

The following public service ad was created by the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission in 2007. In this 30-second television ad, the character of the Fouke Monster is used to address the growing problem of litter. The tongue-in-cheek premise envisions the Fouke Monster as a legendary movie star 35 years after The Legend of Boggy Creek was filmed. At this point the monster's hairline is receding, his teeth are capped, and he is generally shown to be older than he was in 1972 at the "height of his career." The ad was run quite extensively, appearing on large networks such as CNN, Discovery, Sci-Fi, and ESPN, as well as, local Arkansas stations.

Beast of Boggy Creek (Part 1) Podcast Feature

An episode of Lyle Blackburn's podcast that covers the history of the Legend of Boggy Creek.

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